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  • Posted on 4th January 2017,
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Ok, I will be the first to admit that I might be the worst blogger of all time. Why do I say this? Well, when I get busy and overwhelmed, the Ramblin’ Rose blog is the first thing to suffer. Sometimes it gets neglected for several months or maybe longer…..I know, I know! What did I tell ya? Worst blogger ever! But one thing I’m not is a quitter so as they say (whoever “they” is), if at first you don’t succeed you gotta put your back into it and try, try again. So, with that being said, this blog post features a wedding that we photographed over a year ago. The couple is just so damn fabulous & the wedding is just so damn beautiful that we have to show it off! We simply must!

Kate & David, Kate & David, Kate & David. Oh how we love us some Kate & David! Her inside beauty totally matches her outside beauty and he is, well, he’s super sweet to her and he’s a ginger and I’m “not so secretly” obsessed with gingers. I had already worked with Kate’s family when I photographed her sister’s wedding a few years ago so I already knew that I absolutely adored the Livingston family. And when they contacted us about doing the photography for Kate’s wedding I was like “Ummmmm, YES!”

As I was going through the images of Kate & David’s wedding day, I was reminded of why I fell in love with photographing weddings in the first place. (and by “the first place” I mean almost 14 years ago) I fell in love with photographing weddings because I love people & I love the emotion, laughter, tears, kisses, first dances, dance floors full of sweaty people having a ball, family, friends, twinkle lights, pretty flowers, beautiful dresses, tuxedos……you get the point. But most of all, I love the LOVE! And believe me when I say that Kate & David’s wedding day delivered big time on the LOVE!

And as if getting to spend the day with such a beautiful couple and their beautiful families wasn’t enough, I got to work alongside some of my favorites. I mean seriously, when you have Amy Miller planning your wedding, Garden District doing the floral design, CFY providing all the yummy food, and The Flour Garden rocking your cakes…..well, your wedding is going to be incredible and your guests are gonna be very happy! You can find the vendor love list down there below all the pretty pictures with some links to their websites.

Alright, enough of the rambling and let’s get on with the pretty pictures already……..

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~Vendor Love list~

Wedding planner: Amy Miller Weddings & Events

Tent, tables, chairs, etc : Mahaffey Tent & Event rentals

location: The Livingston home (the bride’s parents)

catering: CFY catering

Floral design: Garden District

Cakes: The Flour Garden

Bride’s Hairstylist: Allison Becksfort

Bride’s make up: Alex Rushing

Ceremony music: Simply Strings & Gallowglass pipers

Reception entertainment: Soulsations

The dress: Romona Keveza


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