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  • Posted on 5th July 2016,
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What do you do when a gorgeous woman like Jennifer says to you “Hey, I really want to do a rosette session but I want to use my hubby’s “bad to the bone” car (aka hot rod) for some of the session. Is that cool?”  Well, if you are me then you say “heck yeah it’s cool!” I mean seriously, a smokin’ hot rosette in a smokin’ hot rod…’s a no brainer. And so we scheduled it. Then she said to me “Hey, I really don’t have a clue about what to wear for this so can you just pick out stuff and send me the links?” And to this I said “Ummmm, have you met me?! YAS!!! I absolutely love all things fashion so I would love to be your personal shopper!” And so I picked out lots of amazing stuff for her to wear (she only shot down one option) and then she ROCKED them all just like I knew she would!

For her session, we decided to do 1/2 in my studio and then we headed out to the Memphis International Raceway in Millington (Jenn’s hubby made that happen) and used the racetrack as the backdrop for all the shots with the car. Oh my goodness….THE car! It is a such beauty! And just as I suspected, when Jennifer and the car got together, magic happened! So enough of my chit chatting and on to the good stuff. And when I say good stuff, I’m referring to the killer images from her session!

Now, most of the shots that we took in the studio will remain under lock and key but Jennifer looked so AMAZING in that killer black dress so I had to show off one of those those cheap silver grillz by Niv’s Bling. I just had to! All the rest of the images are total “hottie & the hot rod!” I absolutely loved working with this gorgeous rosette and I know I’ve said it many times but I’m leaving it again right here,“Our rosettes are some of the most amazing & bold women around and they truly inspire us!” Yep, they sure do.

Bold, Sexy, YOU!!!

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Locations: Ramblin’ Rose Studio and the racetrack in Millington, TN

MUA: Matt Gossett

Hair stylist: Allison Becksfort

Car: Provided by Shawn (Jennifer’s Hubby)

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Kim Miller, owner of Ramblin’ Rose Photography, is a Memphis boudoir photographer & portrait photographer specializing in Memphis boudoir photography and Memphis newborn & family photography. Simply put, she loves photographing people.