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  • Posted on 29th June 2016,
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Oh yes, it’s that time again! Time to celebrate another Memphis woman that we think kicks total ass! And this time around we are popping the champagne and raising our glasses to Dawn Owens! Oh, and she has no idea Ramblin’ Rose is throwing her this shindig so I guess that makes it a surprise party.….SURPRISE!!!!

Dawn is a wife, mother, sister, friend, personal trainer, group fitness instructor…..all of this while also managing a full time career. And as if that’s not enough, she is also an incredibly kind human being who has a true passion for building other women up and helping them achieve their fitness goals. I know this because she has inspired, helped & pushed me over the past 2 years to achieve some of my own goals. But enough about all of that, I wanna talk about her muscles! 

A few months ago Dawn decided to check an item off of her bucket list by competing in a figure (aka – lots of muscles) competition so she decided to enter the 2016 “Battle on the Bluff.” Now, training for these competitions requires lots of strength, dedication, and grit. I mean serious GRIT! And I’m here to tell you that Dawn, Mrs. Owens if your nasty, has loads of that. And grit, well, that just happens to be one of my favorite character traits. Needless to say, when Dawn said she wanted to do a photo shoot to document this time in her life and she wanted me to do the honors I said “Ummmmm, hell yes! You & your beautiful muscles in front of my camera? YES!”  We had a total blast working together on this project and the images are absolutely stunning. (I do have to give most of the credit to Dawn for that.) “Battle on the Bluff” was 2 days after this shoot and she brought home  two trophies, one being 1st place. Sure, I guess it doesn’t matter if you win or lose but it’s kind of fun to win, right?!

Side note: What an amazing job I have! I get to work with so many incredible women and be continually inspired by them in the process.

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Dawn, thank you for being you!  You truly are an inspiration to us here at Ramblin’ Rose, and to so many others, and you 100% are a Memphis woman that kicks ass!

xoxo, Kim
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Location: Ramblin’ Rose studio

MUA: Matt Gossett

Hair Stylist: Allison Becksfort 

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